6 November 2011

First book

I have decided to publish one of my Children's stories and I am learning all the way.  I have found the process fasinating, steps needed to take and finally have your work in print.  I am part of a group of inspiring writers who earlier this year read their work on Writers On Air;  Community Radio Planet FM and then 3 hours of stories, poems, tall tales, children stories, amusing and stories which touched the heart with pathos were recorded on CD's.  We were very happy to have been able to donate to a number of local Rest Homes, Hospice, Blind Institure and hospital.  Roger The Rooster of Ambury Park Farm was one of the Children's Stories featured.
Roger's story is being illustrated by a gifted artist and initial plans for publication is March.  Dreams can come true, one step at a time and belief that it can be done.
Happy reading! RM

19 September 2011

Tales from my memory

I have been somewhat distracted by "life" getting in the way of my writing.   I know that even 500 words per day is progress and am sorry to admit but the 'fear' of taking the steps necessary to hold my completed work in print form has stopped me in my tracks.  So here goes, 500 words per day. Plus gather the best of my collection of short stories and select what people may like to read before going to sleep, in a hammock under a tree, waiting for a train, bus, plane and submit them!  I'll keep you up to date.
I must admit I love seeing an idea, the germ of a tale, grow on my PC as I type, revise, correct, then finally put The End.   Looking forward to success.

27 August 2011

First Blog of Portnagolan Tales!

I have moved into the 21st century to utilise technology and tell the world about my writing!  An enormous leap from dipping my pen into the ink well at school in the Glens of Antrim.