7 November 2012

Short Stories by Robyn P Murray

My website is almost ready thanks to expert assistance from Helen!  My next goal is to begin placing pages from some of my Short Stories soon to be available on ebooks, as a collection.  I will put several pages of the stories on for a month and then the final pages the following month.  I will be very happy to receive feedback and comments on how you enjoy them.  They are a wide variety of tales and I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. 
Now to decide which story to begin the Collection!
Happy Reading.

19 October 2012

Childrens' Illustrated Stories set in New Zealand

Childrens' Illustrated Stories - success - I have now published two beautifully illustrated children's books and am thrilled with the feedback and response to both of them.  The journey to learn about self publishing has been interesting, I have made mistakes, learned from them and feel proud of the results.  I have been marketing and selling the books myself and reading the stories at Primary schools and early childhood education centres.  Now I am progressing with setting up my website and using social media to promote and market my books which include short stories.  To be successful I recognise the importance of promoting my work to a wider audience.

23 March 2012

Bringing to life a Children's Book is more than writing the story.  When Roger The Rooster of Ambury Park Farm came to life as I walked in the beautiful working farm in Mangere Bridge, Auckland New Zealand I never imagined the journey would be such a learning process.  The Illustrator has completed the art work, the photographers have completed transferring the pictures to transfer to the printed page and now the printers are doing the layout.  I am excited that the promised Children's picture book for age 2 - 5 (and older) will soon be in my hands and out into the world.  I am looking forward to the next stage of the journey.

13 January 2012

The Journey....

It is extraordinary the steps required from dreaming about an idea for a story, to putting it on paper. Editing it, finding just the right illustrator, then photographer to lift every feather and detail to printed page.  What size and quality of paper?  Which publisher to chose, promote or find a book distributor?  Colours, format, soft or hard cover?  How many to print on the first run?  How many to sell before expenses are recouped?  Daunting - not a bit of it.  Challenging, of course but I can see that after talking and thinking about publishing some of my work for most of my life - it now is happening.  Interesting journey, next step is putting together a dummy book to see where the pictures and text will go and how to make it most attractive for little people to want to read and read again. The journey continues.....Robyn Murray