13 January 2012

The Journey....

It is extraordinary the steps required from dreaming about an idea for a story, to putting it on paper. Editing it, finding just the right illustrator, then photographer to lift every feather and detail to printed page.  What size and quality of paper?  Which publisher to chose, promote or find a book distributor?  Colours, format, soft or hard cover?  How many to print on the first run?  How many to sell before expenses are recouped?  Daunting - not a bit of it.  Challenging, of course but I can see that after talking and thinking about publishing some of my work for most of my life - it now is happening.  Interesting journey, next step is putting together a dummy book to see where the pictures and text will go and how to make it most attractive for little people to want to read and read again. The journey continues.....Robyn Murray

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