19 March 2013

March 2013 Blog update.

The silence from my Blog has been deafening!  I have been busy marketing and selling my two Illustrated Children's Books, Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park Farm and THE SPIRIT OF CAMERON OF AMBURY PARK FARM.  I also uploaded The Girl who was Found in A Seagull's Nest to Amazon/Kindle with some satisfying reviews.
I do enjoy the process of writing and having my work read and enjoyed.  Becoming rich and more famous will be a bonus!

THE PARK BENCH - A Collection of Short Stories by Robyn P Murray

The title for a collection of short stories centred around a Park Bench which was fashioned 100 years ago and  people down the years who have sat on the bench to have a breather from the stresses life and what happens next!  I am completing the final stories, editing them and deciding whether I upload them to Amazon or find one of the other myriad of publishing methods to send my stories out into the Universe!

Now to add Chapter Two to my story LEAVING DANNY which was published first in HER BUSINESS AND LIFESTYLE Magazine and read on air both on FM radio in 2011 and Radio NZ in 2013.  If you have enjoyed reading about Maureen's life changing decision do leave a comment.

The evening went on and there was a sudden realisation by the three people in the home Maureen had created, that there was no smell of dinner being prepared and no noise from the kitchen as usual.  In fact, there were no lights on.  No one had got up switch them on, waiting to be called to dinner, just sitting watching whatever was on TV.
"Hey, where's Mum?" said Bryan, "I'm hungry and I need my kit to out to Karate."  "I didn't hear her come in," said Vanessa.  "I need my costume.  It's the dress rehearsal for the play tonight."
"Well, why aren't you getting them ready?" said Danny.  He has a moment of frisson thinking where Maureen was and then angrily said, "She is probably helping them out at that stupid office."
"But she would have phoned," said Vanessa.  They all looked at each other with a feeling of unease.  But nobody phoned her office to see if she had left for the evening.
A taxi drew up an hour later.  Maureen opened the door and strode confidently inside.  Three accusing faces glared at her.  "We haven't had our dinner," - "I need my costume/kit," said the kids in unison.  "It's not good enough Maureen," said Danny.  "I am supposed to be meeting some sales managers from out of town to discuss strategy for the next quarter."
"Oh dear," said Maureen, "what a pity! Don't you mean you are going down to the pub, Danny?
There is plenty of bread in the freezer and eggs on the bench.  You could have made something for yourselves.  Bryan and Vanessa, did you get your Karate uniform and costumes out for me last weekend?  As usual, you both always leave everything for me to sort at the last minute.  It is not my fault if they are not ready."
"Anyway I've eaten.  I'm going upstairs to have a long hot soak in the bath, then I will hop into bed - in the spare room Danny - I want to read my library book and I know how annoyed you get when the light is still on."
For once the whining stopped.  Shocked, nobody could think of anything to say.  Maureen said authoritatively to her family, "Tomorrow I will have breakfast ready at nine and I want you all at the table.  It is Saturday morning so you don't have to rush off to work or school.  I have something important I want to tell you about some decisions I have made.  Don't be late.  Life as we know it is about to change!"
Turning, without waiting for a reply, Maureen climbed the stairs.
Three mouths dropped and they gazed after Maureen in disbelief.
The bathroom door firmly closed and they heard the sound of bathwater running, the smell of bath salts drifting down the stairs, and the unusual sound of Maureen - singing.
Later, snuggling down in the spare bed, hot water bottles at her feet and back, a tray of tea on the bedside table, library book at hand and Wilbur the black cat snuggled under her arm. Maureen thought of the events of the past few hours and how her life had changed forever.  She wasn't quite sure what she was going to say tomorrow morning, but she knew that her life was going to change for the better and she hoped her family would come to think the same, eventually.
That silly sod on the bicycle will have no idea how he saved my life by cutting in front of the bus, almost causing an accident.  She grinned to herself, sighed happily, picked up her book and began to read.
The beginning.........by Robyn P Murray Copyright 2011

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