18 September 2013

To Blog or not to Blog that is the question!  Life gets busy doesn't it?  What is the best way to market one's books and maybe oneself?  Tweet? Facebook? Blog? or a little of all.  I found that it is important to use whatever opportunity presents itself to say - 'I'm a writer, of....whatever genre you are writing' and if asked a question follow up without being pushy.  You soon know when people switch off.  I have been lucky that I have a had a number of 'front page' interviews over the year in local papers the most recent was when The Royal NZ Institute for the Blind chose my first Childrens' Illustrated Book Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park Farm to transcribe into accessable formats for sight impaired children throughout New Zealand.  I was thrilled and got a wonderful piece written about me and my books, which transcribed into sales!
Choose your market, follow up, contribute and donate books to local fundraisers.
I have had a collection of short stories set over 100 years called The Park Bench I am very keen to publish, but I have been interrupted by 'life' at present so to keep myself writing, am editing stories written over the years and when ready very soon I plan, will publish them on Create Space first.  Also checking out Create Space it looks like I can get some of my other Children's stories illustrated and prepared for Print on Demand and Amazon.  Just do it. Is the catch cry.  What a difference as I have said before, a year makes.  Decide you are going to follow your dream to make your goal happen; then do it.

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  1. Hi Robyn. I am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful short stories on my Kindle.